Saturday, October 12, 2013!!

Halloween brings out the unique and unusual!  Join us for a fantastic show! Sahirrnee's Annual Halloween Show is going to be a hoot!

If you want tickets in advance, contact Luna!


Currently dancing as a duet while Charmin is on hiatus, Pam and Luna!














Sahirrnee Troupe, Charmin, Aimee, Luna, Lisa, and Pam


Sahirrnee's group of five has melted back to three!  Aimee's moved to Fort Collins and Lisa is working on other projects!  We're sad to see them go, and we wish them well! 

Hanging out here, from left, Charmin, Aimee, Luna, Lisa and Pam are Sahirrnee!



pam, aimee, lisa







Pam, Aimee, and Lisa get their game  together!













Charmin cheats.









Charmin and Luna

Charmin and Luna dancing in Spring Show 2010 to Analogik and Yard Dogs Road Show



Thanks to everyone who came out to our Annual Spring Show!  It was a blast!  With dancers from Denver, Salida, and Colorado Springs, along with our favorite locals, our 2011 Spring Show Spectacular was a lot of fun! 

Our bellydance community is outstanding and we are thankful for the kindness, support, and love we feel from you all!