Troupe Sahirrnee is based in Fremont County, CO, spanning the trifecta towns of Penrose, Florence, and Canon City.  The ups and downs of life have morphed our group a few times since 2002, but in the end our goal is the dance a variety of bellydance styles with skill, precision and expression.  We love to attend workshops with other dancers to learn new styles and moves, as our budget allows!  We incorporate what we find into what we already know, creating a bellydance troupe that blends genres and thinks outside the box. Bringing those ideas to our classes, Sahirrnee has created two student dance troupes:  a choreography group, The Terpsichoreans, and a Tribal group, Mountain Gypsies

Troupe Sahirrnee has danced together for almost a decade and is still laughing.

Charmin Heimel

Coming from a background of dance that did not include bellydancing, Charmin was sucked in to the world of Raks Sharqi on day one of her first class.  After several years of mastering the basics of cabaret, oriental, and Egyptian technique, she embraced American Tribal Style and that became her first love.  A founding member of Sahirrnee, and our resident ATS expert, she brings together a mixture of bellydance that is inventive and unexpected.  Charmin plans to dance until she is old and wrinkled, and we expect her to continue backbends and berbers until then!

Luna Nordstrom

A bellydancing roommate first introduced Luna to the dance and she was hooked.  Finding a variety of basic Egyptian cabaret, oriental, and zil instructors over the years, she honed her own skills until finally joining with Sahirrnee as a founding member.  She brings a love of Egyptian cabaret and Carnival fusion to the group, and her choreographies are a mix of traditional and updated forms creating unusual pieces that keep you guessing.  Luna will dance until her hips fall off, and will probably drill the basics even then!


Pam Stepleton

Pam is bubbly and energetic and lots of fun to dance with--she keeps things laid back and mellow.  We think she's fantastic!


A tribute to Sahirrnee's past members...



Lisa Reid was only with us for a short time! She's moved on to other projects, but she's still dancing! "After stumbling backward into Bellydance, Lisa has finally found a creative outlet for her inner meow. A founding member of Vamp bellydance, Lisa joined Sahirrnee in 2010 and has enjoyed spreading her wings and shedding her claw. Lisa plans on dancing her bindi off for a long time to come."




Aimee Stepleton was with us for just a short time, and then she went to college, got married, and moved away!  We miss her always smiling face! 



Charmin, Luna with Despina, a founding and long-time member of Sahirrnee, reluctantly retired.  Despina was a driving force behind Sahirrnee, creating many long-standing, well-loved choreographies. 



Founding members of Sahirrnee--Luna, Charmin, Despina, and Annalya.  No longer dancing with Sahirrnee, Annalya provided a fresh spark for 3 old broads, and completed our original quartet. 


Ancestral Sahirrnee...yes, that's Isidora at the top!  Sahirrnee attributes much of it's original bellydance training to Isidora's skill, perserverance, and love of the dance.