Who do we love?  Here you go...

Our Friends!  In No Particular Order...

Vamp from Penrose!    http://www.vampbellydance.com/

Isidora Bushkovski from Pueblo!    http://www.izzydancer.com/

Troupe Zalzali from Colorado Springs!    http://www.zalzalibellydance.com/

Mizmar Madness from Colorado Springs!    http://www.mizmarmadness.com/

Badia from Colorado Springs!    http://www.badiabdancer.com/

Jaiya from Colorado Springs!    http://www.jaiyabellydance.com/

Neisa Salima from Colorado Springs!    http://www.neisasalima.com/

Frank Farinaro from the Springs!  http://www.myspace.com/hammerheadsharqi

Amia Algier from the Springs!     http://www.amiabellydance.com/

Kari from North Dakota!     http://www.karibellydance.com/about.htm

Our Idols!

Jill Parker!    http://www.jillparkerbellydance.com/home

Fat Chance Belly Dance!     http://www.fcbd.com/


Our Shopping!

Eye Kandy!  Lisa Reid of Vamp, in Penrose is our local distributor....http://www.ellumare.com/

Luna's Bazaar!  Luna's working on her website, it's actually on its way!

Flying Skirts!      http://www.flyingskirts.com/

Big Events!

Shimmy America!  A comprehensive, continent-wide Bellydance Events Calendar ... www.shimmyamerica.com

 Arabian Nights at Sea!    http://www.arabiannightsatsea.com/

Desert Dance Festival!    http://www.desertdancefestival.com/