A few older videos here...including original members of Sahirrnee and Isidora... 

Cosmic Thing by the B-52's...Luna's Choreography...this is older Sahirrnee, with Charmin, Luna, Despina and Annalya



Charmin's Choreography, Isidora's editing, performed at the 2006 Desert Journey show at the Damon Runyon Theater in Pueblo, CO.  Music: Camel Race by DJ Mosavo

Luna's Choreography, music: Sultan's Last Stand, by Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid.  Performing at the Runyon Theater in Pueblo, CO.



Original choreography by Kamaal, Morphed by Isidora. This number includes our original Sahirrnee Alimah members as well as Isidora and members of her Tejedora Dance Company.